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    Since our foundation in 1991, Alarm Systems Las Vegas has helped customers throughout the Las Vegas valley find the right security system and package to meet their needs. We offer simple phone consultations at no cost or obligation to you. This allows us to complete the majority of the details and paperwork over the phone so your new security system can be installed and activated in as little as 24 hours.

    Large Selection of Home Alarm Systems in Las Vegas

    As an ADT-authorized dealer, we offer the most dependable alarm systems in Las Vegas. Our impressive selection of reliable home security systems is available from the most trusted name brand manufacturers in the industry, including the following:

    • ADT
    • Ademco
    • DSC
    • GE
    • HAI
    • Honeywell

    Precise Installation You Can Count On

    We are proud to offer precise system installation and activation our customers can count on. This will help to ensure that your alarm system works properly when you need it most. Our extensive experience also allows us to complete the installation and activation in no time so you can sleep soundly knowing that your home is protected as soon as the same day.

    Why You Need a Monitored Home Security System

    In a perfect world, nobody would need a home security system. However, regardless of where you live, crime does occur, and it is important to protect yourself from harm’s way. Having an ADT monitored home security system can help to effectively deter burglars and criminals from entering your home and can ensure timely response in the event of an emergency situation.

    We Can Handle Any Type of Emergency

    We have the monitoring capabilities to handle any type of emergency in a timely, efficient manner. In fact, having an ADT-monitored security system installed in your home can ensure emergency response even faster than calling 911. If you have been exposed to a burglary, home break-in, fire and smoke incident, environmental toxin, or personal medical emergency, we will provide the first-response alarm monitoring you need.

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